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AMEC TECHNOLOGIES – We Supply & Support Quality HVAC Systems

AMEC Supplies & Supports Quality HVAC Systems

AMEC provides sustainable, high-performance heating, ventilation and air conditioning products in Australia.

Born out of the need to provide expertise to the Australia based Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Contractors, AMEC is a Melbourne based company that specialises in providing high-end equipment to the HVAC industry.

AMEC designs, supplies and commissions quality HVAC Systems for new builds, retrofits and HVAC upgrades. We can also provide reliable, ongoing support with on-call maintenance and regular, preventative maintenance and servicing.

AMEC is a distributor for internationally-recognised HVAC manufacturers including BROAD, Clivet, Oilon, and USystems. Learn more about each manufacturer, and the HVAC products/systems AMEC can supply, commission, maintain and service.

AMEC supplies and supports quality HVAC systems in  Australia. Our Head Office and Management Team is in Melbourne, Australia.

HVAC For Industrial, Commercial & Large-Scale Residential

Consultation & Design

Supply and Commissioning

HVAC Systems for New Buildings, Retrofits and Upgrades

Maintenance and Servicing

Find the optimal HVAC solution for your project​

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