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Clima HVAC is our own brand of the HVAC products and equipment to complete the range of quality HVAC products we distribute.

Clima HVAC manufactures air handling units for high energy efficiency and standard efficiency applications, mission critical air conditioning units, fancoils and other air distribution system elements and components.

Process Cooling Chillers

Air or water cooled, 5 kW to 1.5 MW cooling or heating capacity, including 4-pipe and 6-pipe multifunctional units for simultaneous generation of chilled & low temp temperature hot water. Full technical & commercial support with CPD presentations, plant selection, recommendations for system design, support with commissioning by the manufacturers approved service engineers.​


Air Handling Units (AHUs)

Full range of custom designed and built AHUs with fresh air supply, stale air exhaust and complete air treatment functions as listed below:

  • Filtration (filter class from FM2 to HEPA filters and carbon filters for toxic substance and odour removal)
  • Heat recovery (recirculation, plate heat exchanger, thermal wheel, run around coil, heat pipe)
  • Heating (electric, water, condensing coil, steam)
  • Cooling (chilled water, DX, adiabatic evaporator)
  • Humidification section (adiabatic or isothermal steam type)
  • Dehumidification​
Air volumes from 150L/s to 90,000 L/s, custom designed and built options available.

Every single component can be selected and modified to match the particular project requirements. Hygienic, swimming pools AHUs and other specific AHUs are also available.

Customised Rooftop Packaged Units

Rooftop packaged units (supply only, supply with recirculation, supply & exhaust with integrated heat recovery.


Packaged AHUs with Thermodynamic Heat Recovery

Unique full fresh air supply & exhaust packaged high efficiency AHUs with thermodynamic heat & cold recovery and electronic air filtration.

All the heat from the exhaust air is recovered via integrated condenser/evaporator coil and transferred onto the fresh air by mean of either DX or condensing coil (reversible depending on the operational mode of the unit to save either heating or cooling energy).

Using these AHUs your building heating & cooling plants (chillers, VRFs, heat pumps, boilers and etc) can be significantly reduced in size because these units will take care of fresh air treatment without any additional heating or cooling sources. Thus design and installation is significantly simplified thus avoiding any expensive mistakes during design or installation stage. 

Even more – heat recovery efficiency of these units is not decreasing even when ambient air temperature is very close to the indoor room temperature.

Having these units installed building owners and operators will benefit from significant energy savings in comparison to even the most efficient ventilation & heat recovery systems available today.


Fancoil Units

Full range of fancoil units available with both EC and AC fans


Grilles, diffusers & louvres

Custom made grilles, weather louvres, jet & slot diffusers (aluminium extrusion)


Hydraulic System Accessories

Water & gas valves and fittings.

Please feel free to contact us with any request for HVAC plant selection or price quotation.Our sales reps cover all UK and we are also happy to assist you with the projects in  other countries as well.


Find the optimal HVAC solution for your project​

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