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AMEC : Manufacturers & Products We Represent

Searching For Sustainable, High-Performance HVAC Systems?
AMEC is a distributor for internationally-recognised HVAC manufacturers BROAD, Clivet, Oilon, and USystems. Learn more about each manufacturer, and the HVAC products/systems.
AMEC can supply, commission, maintain and service.

All BROAD technologies are world firsts, and all BROAD products are essentially optimising earth’s environment, and human life. BROAD Group was established in 1988 and is headquartered in Changsha – in Hunan, China. BROAD Group has over 3000 employees and products in more than 80 countries.

BROAD Air Conditioning Co. Ltd. supplies non-electric central air conditioning under built-in vacuum conditions – powered by a natural gas, waste heat and packaged water distribution system world-renowned for super efficiency.  BROAD Clean Air Technology Co. Ltd. supplies clean fresh air systems that can filter PM2.5 by 99.9% – a complete series of clean air products for commercial and domestic use.

Established in Italy in 1989, Clivet initially produced chillers and heat pumps, then also developed air conditioning systems based on Roof-top units, WLHP systems (Water Loop Heat Pump) and residential systems.

Clivet is a Global Group Company of Midea In 2016, Clivet integrated their offering with MIDEA’s products, technology and sales structure – providing the market with a complete and competitive range of chillers, heat pumps, packaged, mono and multi split VRF solutions.

Founded in 1961, Oilon is a Finnish, family-owned energy and environmental technology company, with production facilities in Finland, the USA, Russia and China. Oilon specialises in environmental technology, with a special emphasis on product research and development work – focusing on improving energy efficiency, decreasing emission levels, and developing new solutions using renewable energy sources.

An ISO 9001 registered company, USystems’ unique, multi-award winning products are designed, manufactured, assembled, tested and despatched to the highest quality continuity controls, complemented by advanced manufacturing processes at their UK manufacturing base in Bedford, England, which runs 24/7. 

Clima HVAC is our own brand of the HVAC products and equipment to complete the range of quality HVAC products we distribute.

Clima HVAC manufactures air handling units for high energy efficiency and standard efficiency applications, mission critical air conditioning units, fancoils and other air distribution system elements and components.

Find the optimal HVAC solution for your project​

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